Why Should I Hire Social Media Specialists for my Business In 2020?

Can I learn everything about social media marketing from a social media marketing blog? Where should I read social media marketing articles? Are there social media marketers near me? Most people with a smartphone often seem to think there isn’t very much to using social media. Other than posting and liking photos, what else is there?


One thing that makes us the saddest is when we see someone post a bunch of photos or tweets and no one likes them. If no one is liking or commenting on your posts, they are seeing them. It’s as simiple as that. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 100 million followers, you should be getting at least 10-20% engagement on each post. Otherwise, your followers are inactive, fake, or not engaged with your content. What is the point of posting if it never reaches anyone?

How Do I Fix My Online Presence?

Honestly, if you already have social media accounts and your strategy isn’t working, it’s probably time to call in some experts. Each social media platform is completely different from another with different rules, trends, and types of content. Of course, you can spend hours and hours reading through blogs, watching YouTube videos, and learning through trial and error. The issue is that it isn’t the best way to fix things quickly, especially with a small business. And who knows how updated and accurate that infomation is? We’ve seen more than a couple spammy videos and blog posts that will do anything for a few views and likes.

Not to Fear for We Are Here

But not to fear, we are here! Maria and Adam Dahle at M & A Social Media Marketing Agency have your back. We are experts in what works and what doesn’t work on social media. Don’t lose money by not engaging your customers. Stop letting your competitors take all your business because your potental customers only see their posts. Let us take care of you as soon as possible to avoid leaving money on the table. We will work with you even if you’re outside of our area. Send us an email and we will review your online presence completely for free, no obligation or pushing sales tatics required. We are here for you. Let’s grow your business together.

Looking for social media marketers near me? Need help stepping up your social media game? Want to get almost unlimited new customers online?

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That’s okay. That’s our speciality! We help companies just like YOURS who want to grow and you don’t have to be a tech nerd, spend a fortune on ads or learn any platform itself. We handle all the heavy work for probably much less than you think it would cost.

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M & A Social Media Marketing is based in Provo, Utah but we work with businesses across the country.

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